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Thousands of years ago, as man was first evolving into the splendid creatures we are today, Mother Nature's intention was for us to rise with the sun and rest after the sun went down. Unfortunately, the modern world has different plans today for mankind. No longer is the entirety of the human race in tune with the natural circadian rhythm of the world. We have red eye flights that jet us across multiple time zones in a matter of hours; we have business meetings 12 hours apart but over a thousand miles away; and we have shift workers who need to keep an eye on this world when everyone else is slumbering. When your calling forces you to have such an irregular sleep schedule, it can be extremely difficult to get the rest you need when you need it.

That's why there are gentle, safe, natural sleep aids like Restorol. Restorol isn't just your typical sleep aid. It's specifically designed to give your body what it needs to ease back into a normal sleep rhythm. Whether you are trying to squeeze in a few last-minute winks before your next graveyard shift, or whether you've been on a night owl sleep cycle but you have to get up early the next morning for something important, Restorol can help you get to sleep exactly when you need to so that you can be well rested on short notice. It doesn't matter how crazy your sleep schedule is, or has been - you can right the ship with Restorol.

How to Use Restorol

If you feel that your jet lag or shift work has upset your body's natural circadian rhythm, take one (1) Restorol tablet with your evening meal on the very next night that you need to be asleep by a decent hour. Talk to your doctor before you use Restorol to help regulate your sleep cycle, especially if you are currently on any prescription sleep medications or drugs that would have adverse effects.

Restorol Ingredients

Melatonin is the hormone that your body is supposed to produce on its own once the sun goes down at night. It's supposed to signal the rest of your body that the long day is over, and it's time to get some sleep. But things like shift work and jet lag can mess with your body's ability to release melatonin when you need it, and in the right amounts. There are many studies that show melatonin supplementation can help bring about drowsiness and improve sleep quality.

5-HTP is an extremely versatile amino acid which can help promote rest in your body in a couple of different ways. Specifically, it is a major building block used to create some of the most powerful sleep hormones in your body. We've already talked about melatonin, which can be derived from 5-HTP. It can also be broken down to create tryptophan, which promotes feelings of relaxation in the brain.

If part of your inability to overcome your sleep struggles is connected to stress, then you may not have enough GABA in your brain. The more GABA which is allowed to cross the blood-brain barrier, the more relaxed you will feel. Eliminating anxiety is important when trying to lull your body to sleep.

Speaking of GABA, let's move on to chamomile. Chamomile has always been known to have calming effects on the human body, and now science knows why. Apparently, the botanical compounds in chamomile help your brain naturally produce more GABA on its own, increasing feelings of restfulness and relaxation after supplementing with it.

Hops Extract
You may know hops as the cone-shaped green plant buds that make beer taste so flavorful (or terrible, depending on which side of the beer fence you fall on). But those that do not get processed into alcohol can instead be used to help people feel sleepy, naturally. Is it a coincidence that beer does this, too? We think not.

Passion Flower
Passion flower and chamomile actually have very similar mechanisms of action in the brain. Not only can it make you feel more relaxed and ready for sleep, but it can enhance the depth and the quality of your slumber, too.

L-theanine is another Restorol ingredient that improves GABA levels in your brain. It does so by preventing certain enzymes from eliminating the natural free flowing GABA between neurons. You may be surprised to learn that l-theanine is actually an amino acid, which can be easily derived from natural plant sources.

Lemon Balm Extract
Lemon balm extract is another organic compound naturally present in citrus-y fruits and herbs. Not only does it have a pleasant scent, but it improves your overall mood as well. It is great for dispelling anxious feelings and making you feel relaxed.

What Are the Benefits of Restorol?

Restorol has many different benefits, especially over those of prescription sleep medications or over-the-counter sleeping pills. For starters, Restorol is perfectly natural. There isn't a single ingredient in Restorol that isn't found occurring organically in the real world. It wasn't synthesized in some lab, and it isn't owned by any questionably ethical pharmaceutical company. It's produced in the USA in-GM certified facilities so that you know you're getting the best quality sleep aid your money can buy.

The ingredients list in Restorol is a reflection of the entire scientific body of sleep study work. Everything we know about how to help the human body to get its best rest is clearly reflected in the ingredients chosen for the Restorol formula. From the natural hormones that make us ready to rest at night to proven herbal sleep aids which have been used for nearly a thousand years, the ingredients list in Restorol represents an all-star lineup of everything your body needs to fall asleep fast. No matter how out of whack your sleep schedule maybe, and no matter how resistent your body may be to falling asleep at a reasonable hour, you can coax your way to a timely and restful slumber with Restorol.

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