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Her Fit Shape Tea - Start Your Diet Right
Cleansing Weight Loss Tea, 14 Tea Bags

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Get a Jump-start to Your Diet With a Slimming Detox Tea

The number one reason why most diets fail can be summed up in one word: discouragement. Along with all the other challenges people face when starting a diet, slow or non-existent results can be the nail in the coffin for a lot of people. But what if you could get your diet off to a running start in a simple, easy, affordable way? Well, the makers of Her Fit Shape are offering you a product which can do exactly that.

If you're even remotely familiar with social media, you may have seen your favorite celebrity (or several) promoting detox teas for weight loss, health, and wellness. But many of these are expensive, very harsh on your digestive system, or both. Thankfully, Her Fit Shape is neither of these. It costs a fraction of what those celebrity teas cost, it is gentle on your stomach, and you can lose a ton of weight within your first two weeks of dieting. And it tastes really good, too! In the time it takes you to make a cup of tea, you can start losing weight and feeling better than you've felt in years.

How to Use Her Fit Shape

Her Fit Shape is so effective that you only have to drink a single cup once a day for 14 consecutive days. Because this tea is so effective, we recommend you give your body a little bit of time in between when you finish one package and start the next. This change in rhythm will keep your body guessing and help you avoid dreaded weight loss plateaus.

  • Start by boiling a cup of water using your preferred method
  • Steep one (1) bag of Her Fit Shape in a teacup full of the boiled water for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Discard the used tea bag, let cool, and enjoy!

Most people enjoy the taste of Her Fit Shape so much that they don't feel any need to add sweeteners or flavor enhancers. But feel free to mix in a little bit of the zero calorie sweetener of your choice if you feel so inclined.

Healthful Ingredients in Her Fit Shape

Her Fit Shape contains only those ingredients you can already find in nature. They are ethically sourced, concentrated, and cultivated to the higher potency standard you need to meet your weight loss goals. Each bag of Her Fit Shape contains:

Sencha Green Tea
Sencha is a very special type of green tea which has to be cultivated in the shade. When grown correctly, it is chock full of antioxidants and provides a gentler level of caffeine compared to other varieties of green tea.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate tea leaves come from South America and have been a staple of the culture for centuries. Recent analysis of yerba mate tea's health benefits have shown that it is good for your brain, your digestion, and metabolic hormone balance. It can even help curb your food cravings.

Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is a type of green tea which grows in China instead of Japan. Like other varieties of green tea, it also contains a strong dose of antioxidants and flavonols. It's especially good at helping your metabolism burn more fat.

Lemongrass is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. The antioxidant contents of lemongrass herbs can also reduce your risk of cancer. It's great for making you feel full if you drink a cup of it before a meal, and it tastes great, too!

There are two very important reasons why spearmint is on the Her Fit Shape ingredients list. For one, it helps add to the wonderful flavor of this tea. Secondly, it helps calm your stomach and reduce feelings of nausea.

Orange Peel
Orange peel is one of the best calorie-free sweeteners mother nature can provide. Unlike synthetic zero-calorie sweeteners, which can harm your gut and/or brain health, orange peel comes with neither of these risks. It can also work with lemongrass to help you feel fuller for much longer after a meal.

Hawthorn Extract
Drinking a detox tea with hawthorn in it is one of the best ways to start a new diet. It helps fire up your body's natural detoxification process by improving kidney function. This helps you flush away excess water and bloating. It also tastes sweet and helps eliminate your sugar cravings.

Siberian Ginseng Root
Siberian ginseng root is known for improving immune system function. It can also help improve gut health by lowering inflammation. Some also use it for an energy boost to combat fatigue from low calorie consumption. And it does all this while also curbing your appetite and reducing unhealthy food cravings.

Of course, you can't talk about gut health without talking about senna extract. Senna gently cleanses your colon, eliminating toxic substances which feed the unhealthy bacteria in your gut. This makes room for healthy gut bacteria to thrive so that your body can absorb more of the nutrients you consume from your food.

Lotus Flower Extract
Our day-to-day lives are stressful enough - and when you throw in "hangry" mood swings from reducing your calorie intake, you're not doing yourself any favors. Thankfully, lotus flower extract is great for reducing anxiety levels. Drinking herbal tea with lotus in it and getting enough protein in your diet can help your body block new fat deposits from forming, too.

Fantastic Results from Her Fit Shape Tea

Her Fit Shape has everything your body needs to start your new diet and exercise regimen off right. The ingredients contain a moderate, natural amount of caffeine to give you a much-needed energy boost. It detoxifies your gut biome and rejuvenates your metabolism's fat-burning potential. All you have to do to get these amazing benefits is to drink a cup of tea once a day for two weeks. On top of everything, Her Fit Shape is much more affordable than most of those other celebrity detox teas. We can't think of a better way to start a new diet off right than with Her Fit Shape.

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