H2Thermal Hair Repair Serum

H2Thermal Hair Repair Serum

H2Thermal Hair Repair Serum
Leave-In Conditioner, 1.7 oz.

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Finally, a Leave-In Conditioner That Also Protects Against Heat Damage

These days, it's almost impossible to leave the house without blow drying, curling, flat ironing, or heat styling your hair in some way. But in the long run, even though it makes your hair look beautiful and glamorous temporarily, it does a ton of damage. As this damage accumulates overtime, you need to apply more heat and spend more time styling in order to get the same effect. It's like a snowball rolling down a mountain, except it's on your head - and eventually, you'll be overwhelmed with an avalanche of split ends!

Thankfully, hair experts have come up with a solution. It's called the H2Thermal Ion Hair Repair Serum. Instead of allowing excessive heat to damage your locks, the unique H2Thermal formula utilizes the power of heat in order to repair the damage that your styling would normally cause. The result is hair which is soft, shiny, but also weightless and bouncy. So if you're ready to turn back the clock and repair the damage on your hair, then you're ready for H2Thermal.

How to Use H2Thermal Leave-In Conditioner

Start by washing your hair as usual. For best results, we suggest using spider shampoo and conditioner, but you're free to use the hair products of your choice. When you get out of the shower, start by towel drying your hair; do not use any heat styling implements yet. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of product into the palm of your hand and work the serum into your damp hair. Pay special attention to the ends and the outer layers. Give your hair a minute or two to absorb the serum before heat styling as usual. Do not rinse. Best results are achieved when you use H2Thermal at least once per week, but you can use it after every wash if your hair needs extra conditioning.

H2Thermal Ingredients

H2Thermal leave in conditioner contains some of the best natural moisturizers you can find in modern hair care products. It also contains botanical antioxidants, volumizing toners, and ionized proteins. What does it mean when all of these wonderful ingredients are combined in the same formula? It means your hair will be shiny, soft, and strong. Furthermore, unlike other leave-in conditioners, it won't be oily, greasy, or weighed down. It will be light and bouncy, full of volume and vitality. This serum is a true revolution of the hair care industry.

Shea Butter
Shea butter has been used for hundreds of years as a popular and effective skin moisturizer. Most people, however, don't know that it is just as effective at infusing your hair with moisture as it is your skin. It penetrates the shaft of every single strand, making your locks feel smooth, soft, and luxurious.

While the other ingredients in the H2Thermal formula are not only protecting your hair from heat styling, but using it to your advantage to repair broken strands, the rosemary in H2Thermal is protecting your hair from other daily wear and tear. Things like UV lights, chemical hair treatments, and daily exposure to unavoidable toxins can cause split ends, discoloration, and frizz. Rosemary protects your hair like an invisible shield.

Algae Extract
The unique properties of the ionized proteins in algae extract Start reconstructing and repairing your broken strands from your very first use. They are absorbed deep into each and every single hair and seal it from the inside out via ionization. This helps protect the delicate core of each strand of hair from toxins and heat damage while also making your hair shiny and strong.

Witch Hazel
Witch hazel helps provide balance so that your hair gets just as much moisture as it needs, but not too much. It tones your locks after they have absorbed as much moisture as they can handle while protecting each hair follicle from oily, greasy buildup. This helps you sculpt a lightweight, voluminous look while you heat style.

MIM - Moisture Infused Microbeads
The moisture infused microbeads are the keystone of the H2Thermal formula. Once activated, the jojoba esters inside go to work to penetrate each shaft and infuse your strands with lightweight but powerful moisturizers. These esters are released once you start applying heat to your hair, which helps make the formula more effective at improving the look and condition of your locks than most other leave-in conditioners.

What Can H2Thermal Do for Your Hair?

H2Thermal can do things for your hair that no other hair serum has ever been able to do before. At least, not in the same way that other, inferior products claim they can. And it all starts with the ingredients. H2Thermal contains a plethora of natural moisturizers which are well-suited to effectively condition hair in ways that no other moisturizers can. The formula also has a unique delivery system which few other products - if any - can lay claim to. While the shea butter is fantastic for moisturizing on its own, it works even better when combined with the moisture infused microbeads and the jojoba esters they contain. This double duty dose of moisture is only unlocked through heat styling, which makes H2Thermal a much better fit for your normal hair styling routine than other leave-in conditioners.

While we're on the subject of what is in the H2Thermal Ionic Hair Repair Serum, let's take a minute to discuss what is not. Unlike most cheaper, inferior hair conditioning treatments, there are no parabens or sulfates in H2Thermal. Furthermore, this product has never been tested on animals, and there isn't a single molecule of any animal by-product to be found. So you can rest assured that not only is H2Thermal cruelty-free, but that it is also free of the chemicals that could potentially do toxic harm to your skin and hair.

H2Thermal ionic Hair Repair Serum is obviously one of the superior leave-in conditioning treatments in the beauty industry today - and it's a life saver for anyone who heat styles their hair on a regular basis. Based on its effectiveness an affordable price, we consider this to be a must-buy!

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