Avinol PM Extra Strength

Avinol PM Extra Strength: Natural Herbal Sleep Supplement for Jet Lag and More
Herbal Sleep Supplement, 30 Tablets

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Getting the right amount of sleep these days - and making sure it's high quality sleep, on top of that - is difficult enough even if you are on a regular schedule. But what if you're not? What if you're a shift worker whose hours are constantly changing, and your days off are basically a moving target? What if you're flying across the country (or from one country to another) for business frequently and constantly suffering from jetlag? For most people, it's hard enough to do your job when you're at 100%. Maintaining a higher standard of work performance gets even more difficult when and irregular sleep and work schedule makes quality rest elusive. But with a natural herbal sleep aid like Avinol PM Extra Strength, you can radically change that scenario. You'll be able to sleep whenever you need to, and the rest you get will be healthy and restorative. You'll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day (or night, depending on your schedule)!

How to Use Avinol PM Extra Strength

In order to use Avinol PM Extra Strength most effectively, take one tablet with a glass of water about half an hour before bed. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. As with all supplements, discuss Avinol PM Extra Strength with your doctor to make sure it will fit well with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Avinol PM Extra Strength Ingredients


GABA is a natural neurotransmitter in the brain that helps you feel calm and relaxed while neutralizing feelings of anxiety. Your brain produces it on its own - or it's supposed to, at least. But most people these days lead stressful lives and don't eat the healthiest diets, which both contribute torta deficiency of GABA in the brain. And when you don't have enough of this important neurotransmitter floating freely between your neural synapses, overwhelming anxiety can take over and prevent you from sleeping.

Passion Flower

Odds are that if you're having trouble sleeping at night, anxiety has something to do with it. But instead of asking your doctor for a (potentially dangerous) anti-anxiety medication, reach for the passion flower instead. It works in the same way that the patented drug Serax does, just without the harmful side effects you get from a chemical medication.

Valerian Extract

Valerian doesn't just have a pleasant smell, it's also effective for helping your brain relax and get ready for bed. In scientific double blind studies, nearly 90% of subjects who took valerian root extract experienced noticeable feelings of drowsiness shortly thereafter. Like many of the ingredients on this list, it all has to do with increasing your levels of GABA in the brain.


This is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly plant-derived amino acid capable of safely entering your brain through the blood-brain barrier. Once it arrives, your body transforms it into serotonin, the same neurotransmitter which antidepressant medications attempt to increase (again, with potentially dangerous side effects). Once in serotonin form, your body can then also transform it again into melatonin once the sun goes down.


This adorable little white flower is deceptively potent when it comes to helping you sleep. Mankind has known for centuries that restlessness, anxiety, and sleeplessness are easily cured with a healthy dose of chamomile extract. And this isn't just hearsay or conjecture - back in the mid-1990s, scientific studies conclusively proved that the molecular action of chamomile in the brain produces the same calming effect that benzodiazepines do - but in a safe, natural way.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm on its own encourages your brain to enter an alpha wave state, wherein electrical activity in your brain slows down. In this particular brainwave state, the human mind is at its most calm and relaxed. This effect becomes even more powerful when you combine it with the other ingredients on this list (such has hops and chamomile).


Did you know that the discovery of hops as an effective sleep inducing natural supplement was an accident? Hops have been farmed for centuries as an ingredient to make beer more flavorful. But farm owners started noticing that the employees who were harvesting the hops flowers had a hard time staying awake on the job. And your sleep problems will have a hard time keeping you awake thanks to the hops extract in the Avinol PM Extra Strength formula.


Lots of people are supplementing with melatonin these days - but not very many people know exactly why. Before the invention of modern technology and electronics, the human body would naturally release a powerful amount of melatonin after the sun went down to signal the body that it is time for rest. These days, however, the blue light emitted from our computers, cell phones, e-readers, and more is tricking our brains into thinking it's still daytime. When your brain thinks it's still daytime, it doesn't release melatonin. Supplementing with melatonin helps regulate your sleep hormones so that you feel tired and ready for bed at the appropriate time.

What Can Avinol PM Extra Strength Do for You?

Avinol PM Extra Strength is more than just a sleeping pill. For starters, it's not some dangerous chemical that has to be closely regulated by your doctor in order to make sure it's safe for you to take. It is an herbal sleep supplement comprised of natural botanical ingredients which are not only healthy and safe, but many of them have legitimate scientific proof that they can help make you feel relaxed and sleepy when you need to rest.

The main mechanism of action revolves around two things: increasing the amount of GABA in your brain, and regulating your sleep hormones. Most people, especially people who are constantly traveling or working irregular shifts, have a difficult time with the timing and the quantity of natural melatonin production. This, along with the overwhelming anxiety that accompanies low levels of GABA in the brain, can make it extremely difficult to sleep when you need quality rest. But Avinol PM Extra Strength flips that switch in your brain from restless and anxious to calm and sleepy right when you need it most.

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