Antioxidant Rescue Cream, 1.0 fl oz

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Enliven your skin with Aquallure, the revolutionary Antioxidant Rescue Cream from the specialists at Advanced Nutraceuticals. Aquallure's potent blend of natural ingredients helps empower your cells, giving you skin that's more lively and youthful in the process.

How to Use Aquallure

When you first use Aquallure, be sure to wash and clean your skin. Follow up by drying your skin with a cloth or towel.

Next, massage the Aquallure cream into your skin, rubbing in a circular pattern until your skin has fully absorbed the cream. As a note, Aquallure is a concentrated formula, so be sure to follow the instruction for how frequently you should apply it.

Since Aquallure is readily absorbed by the upper layers of your skin, you should see beautiful and youthful skin as you continue to apply the cream.

Ingredients in Aquallure

Hyaluronic Acid

This glycosaminoglycan helps your skin cells maintain their structure, ensuring easier passage for fluid between your cells and better hydration of your skin.

Beta Glucans

Naturally found in wheat and similar grains, these polysaccharide monomers help protect your skin by stimulating special skin cells known as the Langerhans Cells, which provide healthy resistance to infection and the resources necessary for daily cell repair.


These amino acid monomers are the building blocks of your skin cells. They help your cells repair minor cell damage and generate a youthful luster.

A-Lipoic Acid

This organosulfur compound, also found in coconut oil, helps your skin ward off free radicals that attack and damage your skin cells.

Benefits of Aquallure

Strengthen and hydrate your dull, damaged skin with Aquallure Antioxidant Rescue Cream. Aquallure is made with a blend of natural ingredients that support the health of your skin cells, ensuring that your skin is stronger, more resilient, and well hydrated to help resist the effects of age and exposure to free radicals. Empower and enliven your skin with Aquallure for a smoother and radiant glow.

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