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Antler Force, Deer Antler Extract Muscle Builder
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Antler Force boosts your body's levels of IGF-1 to help you build muscle mass over the course of a few weeks. IGF-1 is a hormone which is produced normally in the human body as a response to the presence of HGH, more commonly known as Human Growth Hormone. IGF-1 increases your metabolism, aids in muscle recovery and helps boost muscle strength.

While Antler Force uses sublingual sprays, many professional athletes have used deer antler extract injections to help build muscle in preparation for big games. The National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) have even banned the use of deer antler extract in professional sporting leagues, because athletes were building so much muscle that they had an edge over their competitors! Luckily for consumers, there are no laws or regulations prohibiting the use of deer antler extract for buffing up outside of major sports leagues.

How To Use Antler Force

Apply two sprays of Antler Force to the underside of your tongue, three times per day. We recommend administering Antler Force daily over the course of a 4-6 week training regimen. For best results, please pair Antler Force with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Antler Force Ingredients

Deer Antler Velvet Extract
The only active ingredient in Antler Force is the deer antler velvet extract. This extract is derived from deer antlers which are humanely harvested from adult male deer, more commonly called Stags, in New Zealand (No need to worry about the deer - their antlers grow back on a seasonal basis). Deer Antler Velvet has been used in traditional Asiatic medicine for centuries. The secret behind Deer Antler Velvet Extract is a special protein in is similar in structure to insulin, called IGF-1, which is similar in structure to Human Growth Hormone. The benefit of this protein is that your body reacts to IGF-1 by increasing your metabolism and activating muscle recovery and muscle gain in the process.

Benefits Of Using Antler Force

Antler force is a great product if you're the kind of person who wants to gain muscle mass quickly, and it is a great product for two main features. First, Antler Force is made with the best ingredients available to its manufacturers; the deer antler velvet used in Antler Force is a high-quality velvet from a species indigenous to New Zealand - the velvet is humanely harvested from deer during the year, and then the deer are released back into the wild, where their antlers will re-grow over the course of several months. Second, Antler Force is the only product currently on the market that uses a suspended microparticle sublingual spray system to help you take it in - this means that you spray the product underneath your tongue, where it is absorbed into your blood stream and delivered to the correct muscle tissue by your body. And you need not fear about the taste; Antler Force includes an inactive stevia extract to sweeten the product for you.

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