The Importance of Being in Ketosis

If you're taking a ketogenic supplement - or, better yet, following a ketogenic diet plan - then you're probably doing so in hopes of getting your body into ketosis. According to recent research breakthroughs, scientists now know that being in ketosis is a healthier way of living. Among other things, when you're in ketosis, you're burning more body fat and improving your overall health and wellness. But how do you know it's actually working? Well, we'll show you how to spot the signs.

Why You Want to Be in Ketosis

Signs in ketosis

Being in ketosis is a fancy phrase scientists use to describe a specific metabolic state. Basically, all it means is that your body, when given the option, will choose to burn fat for energy instead of sugar or carbohydrates. There are many reasons why this is a wonderful thing, including a smaller waistline, a leaner physique, better brain function, and more. Even if the carbs you eat come from healthy, minimally processed sources and you limit your refined sugar intake, the typical standard American diet cannot come close to providing the health benefits that getting into ketosis does:

You Might Be in Ketosis If...

There are many different signs - some positive, others less so - that's your body is transitioning into ketosis. Recognizing the signs is easier, cheaper, and less messy then using blood tests or urine strips. And once you recognize them, it'll help you know what to do to stay in ketosis as often as possible.

With ketosis, there will be obvious changes to your cognitive function, your energy levels, your weight, and your appetite. In the beginning, as your body is making this transition, some of these symptoms may be unpleasant. In fact, it can seem like the opposite of what ketosis promises to do for your body. This can include lower energy levels, brain fog, bad breath, increased thirst, digestive issues, or trouble sleeping. Sometimes, these symptoms are collectively referred to as the "keto flu". These symptoms will be more exaggerated in people who are following a strict ketogenic diet plan, especially if their former diet included ample amounts of processed carbs. But if you're less carb-adapted, if you're not so strict with your macronutrient ratios, or if you're taking a keto supplement, you may not experienced these symptoms so severely - if you experience them at all.

After your body finishes transitioning into ketosis, you can look forward to some very wonderful things. First and foremost, you will start to lose a lot of weight very quickly! And a good chunk of that weight will be stored body fat from around your waist line. We strongly suggest anyone who wants to get their body into ketosis start taking measurements before they start. It's one thing to see the number on the scale go down and to feel your clothes getting a little looser; it's a whole other thing to tell your friends and family "I've lost 4 inches around my waist in the last few weeks!"

Other signs that you're in ketosis involve better brain function and energy levels. Once you're in ketosis, you won't have as much trouble with getting out of bed in the morning, staying focused throughout the day, or struggling to get through a workout. Your memory will be sharper, your mood will be better, and you won't be as anxious or stressed out. You may even find it easier to fall asleep at bedtime.

What is the biggest signs of ketosis, though, has to do with your appetite. When your body prefers to get its energy from carbs, and that energy gets low, then those carbs have to be replenished from food. But when your body prefers to get its energy from fat, you don't need to eat anymore. Your body can feed itself from its own stores. So if you start eating less frequently, eating smaller meals, or both without mood swings or other negative changes, then you can thank ketosis for that!

Helping Your Body Get Into Ketosis

Most people try to nudge their body in the ketosis direction by following a low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein diet. But this can be a struggle for a lot of people. Another way to help encourage your body to get into ketosis is to take a dietary supplement with exogenous ketones. The more ketones you have in your body, the easier it'll be to burn them for energy instead of sugar or carbs. Once that happens, you can look forward to enjoying boundless energy, a slimmer waist, a sharper mind, and an all-over healthier you. Learn more.