Keto XS Ingredients

The ketogenic diet is all the rage these days. People are losing tons of weight quickly and easily without feeling hungry. But there's one small catch you have to tolerate if you want to harness this weight loss success for yourself: you have to give up your carbs! Sounds impossible, right?

Quitting carbs cold turkey can cause a bunch of unpleasant side effects that can make the diet difficult to get used to. But with supplements like Keto XS, you can breeze through these challenges and finally lose the weight you've been trying to drop for years (or even decades). It does this by harnessing the power of exogenous ketones to get you through those first rough few days. If you're curious as to how this works, we're about to explain it to you in the ingredient profile below. If you stick around and keep reading, you might learn something new!

Keto XS Contains Pure Exogenous Ketones

There are two different types of ketones: exogenous ketones, and endogenous ketones. Endogenous ketones are the ketones that your body makes when it has to burn its own fat for energy. The cells in your body absorb these ketones and burn them in your mitochondria for fuel so that you have the energy you need to move around, exercise, think clearly, and function optimally.

Exogenous ketones are ketones that you take in from food or supplements like Keto XS. Sometimes on the ketogenic diet - especially when you're just starting out - your body isn't very efficient at making ketones right away. Between the time you start the keto diet and the time your body adjusts to your new low-carb lifestyle, your energy levels could be problematically low due to this lack of energy. But if you take exogenous ketones like Keto XS, you can help keep your energy levels high and help your body more quickly and efficiently make and burn its own ketones for fuel. Best of all, it'll help you avoid the dreaded symptoms of the keto flu!


The main reason people suffer the keto flu is due to a lack of electrolytes. Electrolytes like magnesium, when they are bonded to a ketone body, are the best way to deliver life-giving minerals and energizing ketones into your system at the same time. And getting more magnesium in your diet can help you lose weight more quickly and easily, too.

Often when people lose weight, their magnesium levels dip and they experience things like muscle cramps. Losing magnesium while dieting can make it hard to lose weight and discourage you from following through with your diet. Since magnesium is also an important part of helping you sleep, dieting can also make it hard for you to get the rest your body needs to lose weight and feel great. But the magnesium in Keto XS, along with giving you more energy from ketone bodies, can help you sleep better at night and feel better during the day so you can squeeze in the workouts you need to lose that body fat.


Sodium isn't exactly the bad guy that the modern diet has made it out to be over the past few decades. As a matter of fact, it's very important to watch your salt intake and to get more of it when you start a ketogenic diet because getting too little salt can be very bad for your health. Keeping your salt intake high enough on a low-carb diet is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure and avoiding things like headache and dizziness which are common in the early days of keto.


Calcium is a lot more important for weight loss than most people realize. It is one of the essential electrolytes your body needs in order to make important fat burning chemical reactions happen in your body. Did you know that studies have shown people taking calcium while dieting - regardless of whatever else they're doing to lose weight - lose more weight and body fat than people who don't get enough calcium? That's why calcium is bonded to ketone bodies and included and the Keto XS formula.

It's also important to make sure you balance your calcium and magnesium levels together, because having too much of one and too little of the other can cause problems if you aren't careful. These two electrolytes are meticulously balanced in the key to success formula so that you get adequate amounts of the nutrients you need to lose weight and get the body you want.

Losing Extra Weight with Keto XS

Keto XS is the supplement you need if you want to lose the most weight possible on the ketogenic diet. Unfortunately, most people won't lose any weight at all on keto because the switch from carbs to ketones will be so miserable that they abandon the diet before it starts to work. But that won't happen if you take exogenous ketones like the ones in Keto XS. The electrolytes in the extra ketones will help your body adjust to burning fat for fuel and you won't get any of the unpleasant symptoms of the "keto flu". This will not only help you stick to the diet, but thrive on it!

As you stick with keto and start to get better at it, though, you may experience a plateau. Keto XS can help with that, too. Your body will eventually become such a fat burning machine that you may not even test positive for ketones on a test strip! But taking exogenous ketones will help keep the ketone levels in your blood high so that you know you're always in ketosis and burning fat, 24/7. The longer you stay in ketosis, the more fat you will burn while eating a low-carb diet. Getting knocked out of ketosis can derail your progress and slow down your metabolism, which may lead many people to feel discouraged and quit. Exogenous ketones are the most effective, affordable, and efficient way to make sure your body is never out of ketosis!